Since its establishment, NLT Group has helped customers develop a series of comprehensive and practical solutions to apply technology in many fields and industries: traffic, lighting system, agriculture, environment, petroleum, fire protection, etc.


We design and provide the most modern and breakthrough digital transformation solutions for businesses, organizations, and agencies all over the world. We are willing to become a long-term strategic partner with businesses and agencies for comprehensive digital transformation in all fields.

1. NLT Group works for the best interests of customers

1.1. Our projects optimize investment costs

The product lines and solutions provided have the highest level of efficiency with the most appropriate investment costs. This makes it easy for customers to recover capital, bring high profits as well as reinvest in the next projects.

1.2. We completely masters hardware and software

Nam Long Technology Investment Group has an advantage over competitors in developing both hardware and software. This helps the price of products and services of NLT Group always have an advantage compared to the products of other competitors in the same industry.

1.3. Our projects are handy-designed based on customers’ needs

NLT Group is an innovative pioneer corporation that masters all technologies in a project or product or service system. This helps us customize specific projects according to the needs of our customers.

At the same time, we will also accompany customers in the process of operating or integrating existing systems.

2. We ensure to always provide products and services with the best quality

All products provided by NLT Group have been developed in the market with the same quality as imported goods such as the US, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. However, the prices of our products and services are adjusted to suit each domestic, ASEAN and international market to create a competitive advantage for the “Made by NLT” products on the international markets.

All concerns of customers will be heard, consulted, supported, and resolved 24/7.

3. NLT Group exclusively masters the technology on all products and services provided

All product solutions provided at NLT Group are projects tailored to the needs of customers.

With the criterion of finding the most comprehensive solution, NLT Group will always listen to all requirements of customers. 

From there, our young enthusiastic, passionate, well-trained, and specialized engineers will design customized solution packages that best suit customers.