NLT Group always focuses on researching and designing highly applicable product and service solutions, meeting practical needs in production, business, and social life.

Clearly defining the ultimate goal of technology as life-serving, we always aims to design practical solutions for every domestic and foreign organization, agency, and business. With a high reputation for product quality and outstanding technology services, we are committed to meeting all requirements of customers and partners.

Your satisfaction is our happiness!


NLT Group always researches and develops projects with the brand “Made by NLT” based on advanced technology 4.0, IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud. The development results will be applied in many national vital fields such as Traffic, lighting, agriculture, environment, oil, gas, etc.

Currently, NLT Group is a leading Technology Group in providing products, solutions, and services based on technology platform 4.0 IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud in Vietnam. Besides, the Group is also gradually dominating the domestic, ASEAN, and world markets..

Mission statement

NLT Group aims at bringing to customers optimal technology products and solutions with high quality, and outstanding services for the 4.0 digital transformation process of domestic and international enterprises and organizations.

We are committed to contributing significant efforts to the goal of national digital transformation, building smart cities/smart megacities.

NLT Group