To serve the process of agricultural digital transformation and comprehensive environmental digitization in Vietnam, NLT Group has pioneered the development of a 4.0 smart tree monitoring system based on IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies. The tree monitoring system imported from the US is effectively applied to ultrasound to accurately assess the health status of the trunk and roots of green plants, and accurately determine whether the tree is rotten, diseased, or not. take the most effective measures to deal with it promptly.

1. Smart tree monitoring device helps timely detect plant diseases

NLT Group, as a pioneering technology corporation in the field of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud applications in the digital transformation of agriculture and the environment, has developed a comprehensive 4.0 tree monitoring system. The plant monitoring device uses radio waves to ultrasound the trunk and roots of plants, giving instant results on plant health with high accuracy, completely without affecting the plant’s structure.

2. Advantages of the smart tree monitoring device

  • The plant ultrasound system is imported directly from the US, evaluated, and practiced by a team of skilled engineers of NLT Group, effective for the ultrasound to accurately assess the health status of tree trunks and roots. green, identify trees with hollow rot, pests
  • The device is designed to be compact, convenient, and easy to use, has no impact on the tree surface, and is quick, easy, and convenient for operation.
  • Using ultrasonic technology to scan around the trunk and roots of the tree, will immediately determine the health status of the tree, visually displayed on the 2D and 3D background to help quickly determine the health status of the tree.

3. Working principle of smart tree monitoring device


  • The smart plant monitoring device uses an ultrasonic meter that scans around the trunk and roots of the plant at a specified rate to determine the condition of the plant, detect pests and plant abnormalities if any, as well as identify level of infection
  • Connect and visually display the tree’s indicators as well as the predicted cross-sections of the tree so that the manager can understand the status of the tree as well as make a treatment plan.

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