NLT Group is a pioneer in researching, developing, and mastering 4.0 applications of  IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technology to the development of the 4.0 smart attendance camera system. Smart time attendance AI camera system is a surveillance device system capable of identifying, monitoring, and managing enterprise personnel completely automatically at the most economical cost.

1. Breakthrough AI technology in the smart time attendance camera system

NLT is always committed to bringing maximum value with the most optimal cost in each of its products. By developing and applying the latest research results in AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies, our products always have extremely reasonable investment, operation and maintenance costs with high performance. outperforms traditional solutions.


2. Outstanding advantages of time attendance AI Camera compared to other products

  • Integrated attendance checking system with temperature measurement functions to monitor and warn of early detection of infectious diseases through body temperature.
  • Using an AI system that can control, recognize, and record attendance automatically up to 100,000 objects at distances 20-80cm.
  • With extremely fast processing, NLT Group’s AI camera system only takes 0.1s to recognize faces and measure body temperature with 99% accuracy.
  • Utilizing advanced and modern management systems operating on Web and Mobile App helps managers easily monitor information anytime, anywhere.
  • The system is easy to expand and integrate into the existing enterprise’s management system.
  • Automatically update and report information as well as detect and classify any infectious disease risks.
  • Remaining low investment and maintenance costs as NLT Group provides the most competitive construction and installation prices in the market.

3. Diagram of the attendance AI camera system

3.1. Hardware:

  • AI Camera devices designed and powered by NLT Group
  • Removable memory to record and store data
  • Control and monitoring equipment

The system can include an additional fingerprint scanner or eye sensor depending on customer requirements.

3.2. Software:

  • The software is developed and fully mastered by a team of highly qualified engineers of NLT Group, which is 100% handy-customized based on customers’ requirements. This helps customers to easily optimize their needs as well as maintain and manage the system.
  • Management software will be developed on a multi-platform website and integrated into computers, mobile phones, Tabs, etc. to help users easily access, process, monitor, and manage information from distance.

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