NLT Group with its pioneering strength in research and development is mastering the applications of AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies in the Smart Security AI Camera solution to completely overcome the weaknesses of traditional Security Camera.

1. NLT Group’s Security AI Camera System

With the technological strength of NLT Group, we will bring up overall solution advice on security AI Cameras, helping to optimize investment, operation, and maintenance costs for customers.


NLT always commits to bringing maximum value with the most optimal cost in every of our product solutions.

2. Outstanding advantages of NLT Group’s smart security AI camera system

Currently, most of the security camera systems currently on the market only help users to view images and store images on the system. As for the security AI camera system designed by NLT Group, customers will experience the intelligent security system with outstanding efficiency:

  • Anticipate bad situations that might happen.
  • Determine the exact location of the unsafety incident through the map developed by NLT Group.
  • Identify the exact location of unusual accident situations in the area.
  • Detect and warn of any possible hazards.
  • Managers easily manage on-site or via Web and Mobile App.
  • NLT Group’s security camera is designed to easily integrate & control flexible devices while using the system.

To ensure safety and stable observation throughout the process of using NLT Group’s AI security camera system, NLT Group is always ready to provide 24/7 support for our customers.

3. NLT Group’s  smart security AI camera system includes:

Basic smart security camera system includes:

  • CCTV camera designed by NLT Group
  • Storage devices, control and system connect devices
  • Camera control software made by NLT Group

NLT Group’s smart cameras are located in areas that need to be observed to ensure security, all images will be transmitted continuously to the control center in real time.

These image data will be stored in the video recorder and displayed on the observation screens of website or mobile app.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

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