Dear our valued clients:

In today’s global integration trend, the 4th Industrial Revolution is incredibly taking place around the world. With the booming trend of digital transformation, NLT Group realizes that this is a golden time to affirm our position as innovative technology cooperation in the domestic, ASEAN, and international markets.

As pioneering technology cooperation in Vietnam, NLT Group has designed, developed, and manufactured countless “Made by NLT” product solutions based on 4.0 technology, IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud. Our solutions are mainly focused on applications in the essential fields of smart city, traffic, lighting, infrastructure, environment, agriculture, oil and gas, fire protection, etc...


As a corporation that takes Reliance as its operating principle, NLT Group commits to:

*Domestic partners:

We are committed to providing a full range of “Made by NLT” high-tech products and solutions to help customers best solve the following problems:

+ Deploying to digitize operation and production processes.

+ Optimizing the cost of investment, operation, and maintenance of the digitization system.

+ Enhancing value of customers and agencies, organizations, and businesses.

* Foreign partners:

NLT Group is always ready to provide solutions and products following the requirements of regional and territorial technical standards of customers, ensuring the best quality and price in the international market.

Applying the Samurai spirit of the Japanese, we always take Reliance as the standard principle in business relationships. As the chairman of NLT Group, I commit to accompanying and developing sustainably with all customers and partners with the spirit of dedicated service and gratitude.

Sincerely thank all customers and partners for always trusting and accompanying NLT Group.

I also express my thanks to all staff and specialists of the cooperation who always strive hard for prosperous development.


PhD. Bui Huu Phu