NLT Group is the exclusive distributor of anti-advertising and anti-graffiti paint products in Vietnam. Anti-adhesive and anti-graffiti paint is a specialized solution to handle the problem of advertising stickers and graffiti (graffiti) on all material surfaces without affecting the quality of facilities.

1. Anti-stick and anti-graffiti paint protects the urban landscape

As a high-tech product made in Europe imported and distributed directly by NLT Group, the paint is resistant to drawing, anti-gluing, anti-sticking leaflets, advertisements and graffiti paint on all surfaces. materials, contributing to cleaning the environment and urban landscape.

Sơn chống quảng cáo
Sơn chống quảng cáo

2. Outstanding advantages of anti-advertising and anti-graffiti paint

The paint lines are trusted by many customers because of many outstanding advantages:

  • The rate of surface protection from flyers, posters, graffiti paints is up to 100%.
  • Coating paint provides sustainable protection from UV radiation, alkalis, salt compounds, corrosion, thermal, biological, and chemical factors on material surfaces.
  • Effective application on all material surfaces, easy to clean with water or household cleaners.
  • Coverage can be up to 6-8m2/liter depending on the material surface
  • Preserve the color of the surface and protects the surface to stay bright and beautiful over time.
  • Paint quality warranty period up to 12 months with typical durability of up to 4-5 years with chemical resistance under all weather conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe to clean, and no harm to the respiratory system, skin or eyes.

3. Genres of anti-advertising coating paint distributed by NLT Group

Currently, NLT Group is providing 2 main product lines of anti-stick and anti-graffiti coating:

  • Anti-advertising and anti-graffiti coating paint KTX 07
  • Anti-advertising and anti-graffiti coating paint MP 168

In addition, NLT Group also provides 2 lines of advertising and graffiti removal products:

  • Powerful paint remover KT 04
  • Paint remover for graffiti on all surfaces PM 555

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

Customers and businesses that need advice on installing our solutions, please contact NLT Group according to the information below. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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