NLT Group is a professional unit in the research, development and construction of artistic water music bringing to customers the magnificentand artistic works for living space.

Currently, NLT specializes in deploying Artistic Water Music to model the water spray system outside the lake with about 10 artistic effects including:

  • Effect 1: 3 Round 3D Circles
  • Effect 2: Two Clusters Of Small Circles On Both Sides
  • Effect 3: Line 250 Flavor
  • Effect 4: 180 Lines 3 Circles
  • Effect 5: 15 Vario Faucet
  • Effect 6: 8 Pain Tails
  • Effect 7: 10 Set Of Wings
  • Effect 8: 3 Independent Control Power Tains
  • Effect 9: Water Curtain + Project
  • Effect 10: 8 Spray Points In The Code

Besides, NLT Group is always ready to design water music according to all needs of customers.

1. 4.0 Water Music – smart creation for high-class living environment



Belonging to the latest solution group of NLT Group, we are committed to bringing the greatest value to your water music projects, with extremely optimized investment costs.

2. Water music – advanced technology of NLT Group

With product solution 4.0 water music, NLT Group has outstanding advantages in the market such as:

  • Diverse product lines in each segment, customers can choose from the most economical prices.
  • Dedicated advice to get the best price but still meet the requirements of customers.
  • The product is made up of high quality imported components such as control chip from the US.
  • NLT Group has accumulated various construction experience from large projects across the country.
  • All constructions are resistant to high oxidation, water, sun and climate change in tropical monsoon areas like Vietnam.
  • The system is using high power nozzle that is energy-saving and extremely safe.

3. 4.0 Artistic water music structure

An artistic water music consists of 3 parts:

1. Water curtain control system:

  • Control cabinet
  • Control software
  • Engineers after installation will have to program information, lighting, scripts to match the design ideas.

2. Merchandizing devices:

Solid components to assemble the water curtain:

  • Horizontal iron bars, rolling bars
  • Sprinkler system
  • LED lights & Sound control system
  • Water spray pump
  • Depending on the size of the space, the scale of the project, the technical parameters such as pressure, flow, voltage, etc. are also selected in accordance with the needs of the customer

3. Tank parts:

  • The water tank provides a source of clean water to ensure that the device is not clogged and damaged during usage.
  • The material for the water tank can be: Concrete, plastic tub, or stainless steel – all are common materials used to make water tanks.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

Please contact NLT Group according to the information below for customers and businesses needing advice on installing solutions. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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