NLT Group, with its pioneering strengths in the fields of IoT, AI and GIS Cloud, has developed and deployed the 4.0 traffic monitoring AI Camera product. This solution can monitor and automatically detect traffic violations, giving warnings and therefore handling time to raise the awareness of road users.

1. NLT Group traffic monitoring AI camera

NLT Group is always committed to bringing the highest value to each of its product solutions at the most reasonable prices. With AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud Technology integrated with the traffic monitoring AI Camera system developed by NLT Group, your investment, maintenance and operating costs will be maximally saved.


2. Outstanding features of 4.0 traffic monitoring AI camera system

Traffic monitoring AI Camera products are installed on roads, neighborhoods, etc. to collect traffic situations on every route. Researched, developed and mastered by NLT Group, the product is integrated with intelligent features that bring outstanding efficiency in traffic management with:

  • Manufacture products qualified to European ISO 9001 standards work effectively in all weather conditions.
  • Able to identify objects with high accuracy, and process images using AI technology to provide traffic management information.
  • Classify moving vehicles in real time and use AI technology to identify traffic flow and give appropriate warnings and adjustments, reducing congestion and congestion.
  • Save costs in management with fast and accurate inspection, review of violations, connection through the platform, IoT, and GIS Cloud.
  • Easily integrate and develop the system, monitor and manage the entire system through Website, and mobile app.

The camera and software package solutions are researched, developed and mastered by NLT Group to save costs and can be easily changed depending on the individual requirements of customers.

3. What does the 4.0 traffic monitoring AI camera system include?

3.1. Hardware:

  • AI Camera system designed and powered by NLT Group
  • Recorder and information storage
  • Control and monitor equipment cabinets

3.2. Software:


  • The software is developed and fully mastered by a team of highly qualified engineers of NLT Group, which is 100% suitable according to customer requirements, helping customers easily optimize investment and maintenance costs.
  • The software management system is developed on a multi-platform website and mobile app to help users easily access, monitor and manage information remotely.
  • Diagram of 4.0 Traffic Monitoring AI Camera System.

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