NLT Group’s 4.0 toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system is widely used in industrial plants, oil refineries, shipyards, mines, wastewater treatment facilities, etc. We are a pioneer and professional unit in researching and implementing toxic gas leak monitoring solutions.

In addition, the system of NLT Group is also used in places where there are flammable and combustible gases to detect and warn fire protection promptly.

1. Safe and economical 4.0 toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system

With experience in implementing countless projects, mastering both hardware and software, NLT Group brings the overall solution of 4.0 monitoring & warning system with high quality while minimizing investment and maintenance costs.


2. Advantages of the 4.0 toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system

A toxic gas leak is a particularly dangerous occupational accident that, if not handled in time, can have extremely serious consequences. NLT Group’s toxic gas leak warning system is capable of monitoring and warning for typical toxic gases in oil and gas production facilities such as CH4, CO, NH3, HCl, Cl, etc.

Outstanding features of the 4.0 toxic gas leak monitoring & warning system integrated with IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technology include:

  • When there is a toxic gas leak, the warning system is activated and defines the location of the incident that occurs based on GIS Cloud technology. Due to the timely report, the supervisor will have the plan to handle it promptly and quickly, avoiding the spread of toxic gas.
  • The system allows 24/7 continuous automatic monitoring of each fire/smoke sensor to help detect the risk of gas leakage before the spreads causing serious consequences.
  • The supervisor receives the alarm signal quickly anywhere by phone or laptop through internet or mobile network.
  • In addition, the system also informs, monitors, and manages all sensor heads integrated through the website platform, and mobile app.
  • All products in the system can connect internally with each other and with the outside (IoT) based on the existing information technology and telecommunications platform of NLT Group.

3. Structure of the 4.0 toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system

The 4.0 toxic gas leak monitoring & warning system will include:

  • Central sensor management cabinet
  • The toxic gas leak detectors are installed in leakage locations
  • Device Drivers
  • Wi-Fi IoT Device
  • Stable cloud server, receive information from the system of central cabinets with high security
  • Remote monitoring software for users on website or mobile app


The system uses a network that connects wireless sensors using IoT technology to send signals to the central cabinet by radio technology. All fire alarm control panels will be connected to the central server via 3G/4G internet connection for monitoring helping to pinpoint the exact location of the fire in the GIS digital map.

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