NLT Group is a pioneer in researching, developing and mastering advanced IoT, AI and GIS Cloud application technology in providing the 4.0 Smart vehicle weighing solution. NLT Group’s 4.0 smart vehicle weighing system allows controlling the loading volume of vehicles in traffic and therefore automatically gives warnings to the operator when detecting a vehicle violating the load regulations.

1. Smart vehicle weighing system is the most optimal infrastructure protection solution

Smart vehicle weighing solution helps eliminate overloading vehicles that exceed the traffic load on the road. With a fully automatic vehicle monitoring and weighing system, the road traffic systems will be optimally protected at an extremely economical and effective cost.


2. Outstanding advantages of the 4.0 smart vehicle weighing system

The weighing system monitor 24/24 the status of vehicles in traffic in the city, focusing on heavy trucks, container trucks, trucks carrying construction materials, trucks carrying minerals, etc. traffic infrastructure and road traffic safety.

  • Quickly install on important roads at ease without affecting the road’s structure
  • Overcome any existing weaknesses (manual control and handling) of traditional portable and mobile weighing systems.
  • Weigh vehicles with high accuracy in all weather conditions even in rush hour with the most economical operating costs.
  • Built-in dedicated license plate recognition AI camera system developed by NLT Group. The system provides supervisor with high accuracy and fast recognition system that allow 24/7 vehicle traffic conditions monitoring in the city.
  • Easily monitor and apply cold sanctions with visual proofs of overloads vehicles stored in the system’s database.
  • Optimize all operations and procedures in weighing transportation.

3. Smart vehicle weighing system diagram

  • Weigh sensor: Determine the axle load, the total load of the vehicle, as well as other relevant information about the vehicle passing the station.
  • Magnetic ring: Identify the vehicle passing the station.
  • Control cabinet: Collect all relevant information about the vehicle through the weighing station from the load sensor, magnetic ring and camera. This part is responsible for calculating whether the vehicle is overloaded or not and storing all information on the Server.
  • Server: Store the data of the weighing station.
  • Control station: located about 300 – 500 meters away from the weighing station to access vehicle data through the weighing station via the internet or 3G. If an overloaded vehicle is detected, the appropriate authority will be notified to have a handling plan.
  • Control Center: Store, manage and monitor information of all weighing stations remotely.

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