Successfully researched, developed, and deployed based on 4.0 IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies by NLT Group, the smart ultrasonic water level sensor system and LED signal board is the ultimate solution to ensure water traffic safety as well as optimize operational costs for modern waterway traffic control and management system.

1. NLT Group pioneers in mastering the smart ultrasonic water level sensor system

NLT Group is a complete developer and technology master of both hardware and software of products based on IoT, AI and GIS Cloud technologies. With that position, NLT Group will provide 24/7 consulting and support during the operation and exploitation of the system. 


2. Outstanding advantages of the system

  • Using IoT platform technology and solar power to provide an accurate water level measurement system and signal lights on the bridge and transmit data to a control center to continuously monitor the operating status of the system.
  • Integrating an ultrasonic sensor system that continuously monitors the distance between the water surface and related infrastructure with high accuracy and updates on the GIS Cloud digital map in real-time.
  • Using fast and accurate sonic measurement technology to minimize unnecessary waterway collisions thanks to LED bulletin boards that update data continuously in real-time.
  • Using Smart Mesh Lora, 3G/4G technology to transmit data to the management center continuously. In the meantime, the system keeps synchronizing across the entire data storage and management platform as well as displaying visual statistical charts.
  • Designing convenient management software system via website and mobile app to construct visual monitoring display based on NLT Group’s GIS digital map helps customers easily upgrade, integrate and expand the system.

3. Structure of the 4.0 smart ultrasonic water level sensor system

  • Hệ thống thiết bị đo lắp đặt trên thành cầu hoặc các công trình liên quan để đo khoảng cách từ công trình tới mặt nước và từ mặt nước tới đáy nước sử dụng công nghệ Ultra Sonic tiên tiến.
  • Hệ thống cảm biến và truyền dẫn liên tục hiển thị trực quan số liệu và thông tin trong thời gian thực trên bảng LED cỡ lớn cho các phương tiện lưu thông trên đường thủy.
  • Server/ máy trạm nhận và hiển thị thông tin dữ liệu truyền về từ các trạm quan trắc và hiển trị trực quan trên nền tảng website và mobile app của người quản lý.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

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