With a pioneering mission in the fields of AI, IoT, GIS Cloud applied to production, NLT Group has successfully developed a line of lighting products by Solar 4.0. Thereby, the product not only meets the needs of lighting but also ensures energy-saving and environmental protection.

NLT Group has developed a series of solar lighting products with outstanding features:

  • NLT-DDS Series Solar LED Street Lights
  • NLT-DPS Series Solar LED Flood Lights

1. 4.0 Smart Solar Lighting System

This solution applies to street lighting with solar energy. With outstanding advantages compared to traditional street lights thanks to the application of AI, IoT, GIS Cloud, NLT Group’s solar lighting system promises to be the dominant energy-saving trend, day by day. being applied more and more widely throughout the country.

2. Advantages of the system compared to traditional lighting

NLT Group’s 4.0 solar lighting system owns a lot of advantages:

  • NLT Group’s solar lights do not have to go underground or require workers to turn on/off like traditional lights.
  • As the whole system consists of modern, energy-saving components that allow the circuit operates at low voltage, you can rest assured that managers can avoid any possible danger of fire or electric shock
  • Researched, developed and mastered by NLT Group in both hardware and software, solar LED technology is energy-saving, long-lasting, and has low replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Integrate with the most innovative AI, IoT, GIS Cloud technology, NLT Group solar LED lights only need a one-time investment and no electricity is required.
  • The system is easily controlled via website, mobile app. Besides, the system applies fully automatic operation according to the planned schedule to save management costs, thus saving tons of time for the management unit.

3. Structure of solar lighting system NLT Group

  • LED lights and solar panels manufactured by the most advanced Japanese production technology meet ISO 9001 standards. 
  • With Smart Mesh Lora technology, the smart workstation system is capable of managing dozens of lighting heads that can easily control, monitor and state the lighting status of each bulb in the system.
  • NLT Group connects the system of management workstations to the server using 4G Internet technology, creating convenient conditions for easy exploitation and analysis.
  • Managers can monitor the lighting status as well as synthesize and display information about the system through the mobile app platform and website.

4. Contact for consultation on NAMLONGLED solutions

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