As a pioneer in researching, developing and mastering 4.0 technologies such as IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technology solutions in smart city/smart megacity construction, NLT Group always brings up the most optimal solution in the construction of smart road traffic systems.Currently, the 4.0 Smart Road Traffic solution group includes the following solutions:
  • 4.0 traffic monitoring AI camera system 
  • 4.0 smart traffic volume management system
  • 4.0 smart vehicle weighing system
  • 4.0 digitized transportation infrastructure management system
  • 4.0 smart parking system 
  • Traffic control and management central
  • Traffic signal control system
  • Supertech: Solutions to save fuel and reduce emissions
  • Anti-advertising and anti-graffiti paint

1. Smart road traffic for smart city/smart megacity

4.0 smart road is an inevitable trend of the smart city/smart megacity development process. Understanding that opportunity, NLT Group took a shortcut and became a pioneer in the application of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies to the smart road traffic system.

2. Outstanding advantages of the 4.0 road traffic system

Outstanding advantages of the smart road traffic system:

  • Easily manage and refurbish road traffic infrastructure.
  • Build a systematic database, monitor, manage and ensure road traffic security.
  • Create convenience in vehicle traffic management and traffic jam warning.
  • Easily detect, handle and maintain highways, bridges, tunnels, inner cities, etc.
  • Manage by software that is easy to integrate with other solutions to combine into the. smart city/smart mega city construction general solution system.

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