NLT Group is a pioneer in researching, developing and mastering advanced 4.0 IoT, AI and GIS Cloud application technology in building the 4.0 smart parking system. The 4.0 smart parking lots optimize urban traffic, towards the goal of building a smart city/smart megacity.

1. 4.0 smart parking system is a breakthrough solution in building a smart traffic system

Towards the goal of building a smart city/smart megacity, the 4.0 parking management system with modern 4.0 IoT, AI and GIS Cloud technology applications will meet the needs of parking space management. the city’s vehicles in the most optimal way, minimizing the vehicle burden on the infrastructure.


2. Outstanding advantages of the 4.0 smart parking system

NLT Group’s 4.0 smart parking system can overcome all shortcomings of traditional parking lots, towards the goal of building a smart city/smart megacity such as:

  • Save urban space and reduce parking management costs with smart parking structures combined with modern AI surveillance cameras.
  • With the parking system integrated into the management software via Website and mobile app, managers can simultaneously monitor multiple parking lots at the same time.
  • Easily monitor the number of vehicles in the parking lot with the highest level of safety thanks to a management system entirely by the number plate surveillance camera system.
  • Compared with the traditional parking lot, the smart automatic parking lot can save ½ of the time to send in and out of the car park for customers.
  • The management of smart parking locations will help managers promptly adjust vehicle traffic in the parking lot, thereby making the best use of parking locations as well as optimizing costs and operating efficiency.
  • Planning smart parking lots in the city will help disperse vehicle traffic, thereby limiting congestion in parking lots and on the street.

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