As a leading professional unit in 4.0 technology based on AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud, NLT Group has researched and developed the NLT Group 4.0 nutritional injection system, thoroughly solving the problems of nutrient injections in the field of 4.0 Smart Agriculture.

1. NLT Group 4.0 nutrient injection system

As a modern system equipped with the most advanced technology applications in the fields of AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud, the 4.0 nutrient injection system helps to save maximum investment, operation, and maintenance costs. With a firm commitment to successfully implement the project, NLT Group confidently builds and masters all hardware & software in the solution.



2. Advantages of the 4.0 nutrient injection system

  • Build a fully automatic watering and fertilizing system according to the nutrient content of each stage of plant growth based on AI and IoT technology
  • Complete mastery of both hardware and software technology, easily customizing a single injection system or according to the needs of each area
  • The system operates with high precision, reducing labor costs with competitive investment costs, and 24/7 support after installation and machine operation.
  • All data is continuously reported to the system. The operation center will automatically save and update the entire database automatically in real-time
  • The complete system is easy to use, helping managers to actively control, monitor continuously, and flexibly manage via website and mobile app.
  • Flexible solution, suitable for customers’ needs, easy to adjust the plan to achieve the highest farming performance with competitive cost

3. Structure of 4.0 nutrient injection system

  • The system of fertigation equipment works based on the pressure difference when the water source passes through the convergence point, creating a vacuum force, this attraction sucks the feces, sucks the nutrient solution from the tank, and dissolves it into the water. and evenly distributed to each plant through the water system and equipment used in the irrigation system.
  • Automated feeding systems ensure that irrigation and fertilization programs are required to operate simultaneously on different crops or at different stages of a plant object with other watering and fertilizing together.
  • The sensor system continuously updates data from the injection stations and transmits it to the monitoring center using Smart Mesh Lora technology. This information can include injection logs, injection progress, and overall system health in real-time.
  • The server/workstation receives and displays the data transmitted from the monitoring stations and displays it visually on the website and mobile app platform of the manager.

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