NLT Group is a pioneering technology corporation that masters cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud applied in many fields such as traffic, lighting, environment, agriculture, industry, oil and gas, safety and fire prevention, etc.

The 4.0 smart navigational signal buoy system is a part of the smart waterway traffic solution designed and provided by NLT Group.

1. The 4.0 navigational buoy system ensures waterway traffic safety at the highest level

As a manufacturer of hardware equipment in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, NLT Group’s navigational buoy system will ensure the highest level of safe and efficient operation for the waterway traffic. In addition, with an online monitoring management system, managers can catch up with the traffic volume in real time as well as optimize the costs of operation and maintenance.


2. The outstanding advantages of 4.0 smart navigational signal buoy system

  • The smart navigational buoy system developed by NLT Group contributes to ensuring traffic safety and limiting inland waterway traffic accidents.
  • The system uses IoT technology and solar energy to provide and transmit data between the signaling buoys to transmit to the control center.
  • The system automatically monitors, alerts, and identifies floating or stolen buoys on GIS Cloud digital maps.
  • The whole structure optimizes advanced Smart Mesh Lora technology to transmit data to the Center and optimize Internet expenses.
  • All devices use environmentally friendly composite material, saving maintenance costs and increasing the life of the beacon.

3. Structure of the smart navigational buoy system

  • The buoys system continuously collects data and transmits it to the monitoring center using the Smart Mesh Lora network.
  • Server/workstation receives and displays buoy data information to control the correct waterway flow.
  • During the process, the system manager will rely on monitoring and sensor data to direct the vessel to the right channel.

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