With experience in mastering advanced technology in the fields of AI, IoT, GIS Cloud, NLT Group has launched smart lighting product lines for small spaces. With a rich source of products and outstanding advantages, NLT Group believes that it will bring a variety of choices and satisfaction to customers.

To meet many customer needs for small-space lighting, NLT Group is currently providing the following product lines:

  • LED Factory Lights NLT-DMT Series
  • LED Factory Lights NLT-BL Series
  • LED Factory Lights NLT-NXC Series
  • LED Factory Lights NLT-NXH Series
  • LED Factory Light NLT-NXL30
  • LED Factory Light NLT-NXL40

1. 4.0 Smart Lighting Solutions for Small Spaces

4.0 smart lighting system for small spaces is an urgent solution in the process of building smart cities and smart cities in Vietnam. By applying technology 4.0 AI, IoT, GIS Cloud, NLT Group’s lighting products are very optimized and energy-saving, to be applied to spaces: factories, hospitals, schools, botanical gardens, etc. parks,…


2. Preeminent features and practical applications of the system

Lighting products for small spaces have been developed by NLT Group with the following advantages:

  • The whole system contains hardware and software that were developed, built, and mastered by NLT Group, so it is easy to maintain and upgrade system integration.
  • Cold white light creates a cool feeling, making it easy to work, operate, play, etc. Natural white light for true colors is suitable for paint shops, color mixing, outdoor furniture, etc.
  • As the most advanced research result of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies, the lighting system is harmless to the eyes, safe for users as well as ensures high aesthetics, long lighting time and stability.
  • The system is integrated with a smart sensor that can monitor weather and environmental conditions to propose appropriate lighting plans. Therefore, this system can withstand humid environments, dust, insects, etc.
  • Manage, monitor and control the lighting system centrally through a system of cabinets directly connected to the main center, easily controlled via the website, mobile app

Practical application of the system:

  • Provide adequate lighting for production workshops ensuring production activities take place stably and efficiently.
  • Apply lighting in-house system and home decoration with a variety of suitable models.
  • Helps to illuminate security in warehouses and ports thanks to its durability and long life.

3. Structure of 4.0 smart lighting system for small spaces of NLT Group

  • LED lighting system manufactured by the most advanced Japanese production technology meets ISO 9001 standards. 
  • The station cabinet is capable of controlling and monitoring the lighting status of each lamp in the system. The smart workstation system transmits lighting signals with Smart Mesh Lora technology.
  • Managers can easily operate, exploit and manage the workstation system thanks to the connection feature to the central server by 4G Internet technology.
  • Easily monitor the lighting status of the system to have an appropriate adjustment and maintenance plan thanks to the feature of aggregating and displaying information on the website and mobile app platform.

4. Contact for consultation on NAMLONGLED solutions

Please contact NLT Group according to the information below for customers and businesses needing advice on installing solutions. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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