As a leader in technology solutions 4.0 AI, IoT, GIS Cloud, NLT Group has pioneered mastering all hardware and software of SMART LIGHTING SYSTEM FOR ROAD TRAFFIC. NLT Group’s road lighting system has been piloted and installed in many vital national projects about digital transformation and smart city/smart megacity construction.

Currently, NLT-Group has researched and launched 6 street lighting product lines including:

  • NLT-DDS Series Solar LED Street Lights
  • NLT-DDB Series LED Street Lights
  • LED Street Lights NLT-DDV Series
  • NLT-DDW Series LED Street Lights
  • NLT-DDD Series LED Street Lights
  • NLT-DDC Series LED Street Lights

1. 4.0 Smart Lighting Solutions for Routes – NLT Group


NLT Group’s smart lighting system for roads is the result of researching the latest applications of AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies. With low installation and maintenance costs as well as efficient and energy-saving lighting devices, smart lighting systems promise to solve the current lighting problems of many cities across the country.

2. Outstanding advantages of the street lighting system

Outstanding advantages of the system in road lighting:

  • Developed, built and mastered technology in both hardware and software by NLT Group, easy to maintain, upgrade system integration
  • The system is the latest research result of IoT, AI, GIS Cloud technology integrated with smart lighting systems.
  • Manage, monitor and control the lighting system centrally through a system of cabinets directly connected to the control center
  • The system operates fully automatically according to the schedule, saving management costs, centralized monitoring, easy control via website, mobile app
  • The system is integrated with smart sensors that can monitor the weather and environmental conditions to propose appropriate lighting plans.
  • The system of modern equipment saves energy, reduces wasted energy, and operates stably in many weather conditions

3. Structure of smart lighting system for road traffic

  • LED lighting system manufactured by the most advanced Japanese production technology meets ISO 9001 standards. NLT Group’s products use Nichia JAPAN LED chips and the world’s leading Texas Instrument USA power chips, which are durable and lightning-resistant, making the product life last twice as long as Chinese LEDs.
  • The smart workstation system is capable of managing up to 100 lighting heads using Smart Mesh Lora technology. The station cabinet is capable of controlling, monitoring and statistics the lighting status of each light bulb in the system.
  • All management workstations will be connected to the central server by 4G Internet technology for easy operation and exploitation.
  • All information will be aggregated and displayed on the website, mobile app platform so that managers can easily monitor the lighting status of the system and have appropriate adjustment, maintenance and repair plans.

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