As a leading unit in the digital transformation of the agricultural industry, NLT Group has applied the latest technological achievements based on AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies to successfully deploy a 4.0 smart irrigation system for the goal of digitizing agriculture in Vietnam.

1. Smart irrigation system is an inevitable trend of agricultural digital transformation

Researched, developed, and mastered all hardware & software built based on AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud, NLT Group’s 4.0 smart irrigation system is a breakthrough in agricultural digital transformation. Irrigation systems with fully automated processes have extremely competitive installation costs, low maintenance costs, and handy management.


2. Outstanding advantages of the 4.0 smart irrigation system

Smart agricultural irrigation system applied to gardeners, and farms growing vegetables, fruit trees, and crops to ensure productivity at harvest. Especially, the outstanding irrigation system of NLT Group can overcome the disadvantages of traditional irrigation methods:

  • Smart automatic irrigation system will help you control the amount of water effectively. Save up to 60% of the water needed traditionally. Water is used evenly in an area that does not accumulate, causing flooding and tree death
  • NLT Group fully masters both hardware and software technology, easily monitoring and managing via website and mobile app, visual monitoring based on NLT Group’s digital map.
  • The fully automated operating system of irrigation can be scheduled for each crop according to specific factors:
    • Programmable watering time
    • Programmable irrigation by reading from a flow meter or level sensor
    • Programmable irrigation based on the water condition in the farm’s soil
    • Irrigation programming based on weather data from the regional weather station
  • Continuous monitoring of the farming environment 24/7, and controlling the watering status, can be expanded to combine with other systems in the smart agriculture group
  • Competitive installation cost, simple system operation, easy to upgrade, integrate and expand system

3. Structure of smart irrigation system 4.0

  • Smart water pump and sprinkler system using a centrifugal pump with a high-pressure head and sprinkler system suitable for the specific user needs of each crop cultivation area.
  • The system of sensors and probes includes pressure gauges, pressure switches, flowmeters, and level detectors that continuously monitor irrigation status 24/24.
  • The information transmission system continuously updates data in real-time and transmits it to the monitoring center using Smart Mesh Lora technology. This information can include irrigation logs, spray progress, and system health in real-time.
  • The server/workstation receives and displays the data transmitted from the monitoring stations and displays it visually on the website and mobile app platform of the manager

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