NLT Group is a pioneer and professional group in the solution of building a 4.0 intelligent insect trap system. With the position of mastering all technologies from hardware to software based on pioneering technologies of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud, NLT Group has researched and launched the product 4.0 Smart Insect Trap System to help solve the problem thoroughly. about the problem of insects in agricultural cultivation.

1. Smart insect trap – Application of 4.0 technology to agricultural digital transformation

With a firm commitment to successfully implement the project, NLT Group confidently builds and masters both hardware & software in applying the latest research results of 4.0 IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies to the solution. Smart insect trap method 4.0 – eliminates pest worries.



2. Outstanding advantages of NLT Group 4.0 smart insect trap

  • The entire sensor system works 100% by solar energy, does not consume electricity, and is environmentally friendly.
  • The product is the latest research result of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technology in the field of agriculture 4.0 with outstanding pest detection and monitoring efficiency.
  • Easily identify insect species and pest density with an intelligent AI-integrated sensor system, continuously updating insect data on the system
  • Using GIS Cloud technology to determine the density, growth stage, and behavior of insects in the cultivated area can provide an effective treatment plan.
  • The ability of the product to trap and kill insects is highly effective compared to traditional traps with a variety of treatment options, without using chemicals harmful to plants, animals, or humans.
  • Compact structure, easy to move, easy to integrate new equipment into the system, construction and installation costs, low maintenance, fully automatic process.

3. Structure of the system

  • A system of smart sensors combined with a smart camera system collects information about the type, density, and the number of insects in the smart farming area.
  • The sensor system continuously updates data from intelligent insect monitoring stations and transmits it to the monitoring center using Smart Mesh Lora technology. This information may include environmental conditions, forecasts of abnormal insect growth, and insect effects on crops.
  • The smart trap system uses biological lights and other technological innovations such as ultrasonic waves, attractants, and insect repellants to remove harmful insects.
  • The server/workstation receives and displays the data transmitted from the monitoring stations and displays it visually on the website and mobile app platform of the manager.

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