With advanced and modern technology applications based on 4.0, IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud, NLT Group is a technology corporation that always pioneers and masters technology in the digital transformation of the agricultural industry. 4.0 Smart Greenhouse is the solution to apply the latest technological achievements based on AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies to be successfully deployed by NLT Group.

1. 4.0 Smart Greenhouse of NLT Group

The 4.0 smart greenhouse system developed by NLT Group facilitates effective digital transformation of agriculture with extremely competitive construction and maintenance costs. With a completely closed operation and management process, hardware, and software systems built and fully owned by NLT Group, the 4.0 smart greenhouse system promises to become an inevitable trend in the 4.0 Smart agriculture Industry.



2. Advantages of Smart Greenhouse NLT Group

  • The product is researched, developed, and deployed entirely on IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technology platforms with software and hardware built by NLT Group.
  • The smart greenhouse system is easily integrated with irrigation, fertilizing, wastewater treatment, air monitoring, etc. fully automatic control systems, easy to monitor and manage via website and mobile app, and visual monitoring based on digital map of NLT Group.
  • Continuous monitoring of farming environment 24/24, control factors affecting crops, environmental quality, make the most of nutrients, control waste sources, etc.
  • Support consulting and design according to the requirements and farming scale of each unit, build a high-precision operating system, help reduce labor with competitive investment costs, and support 24/24 after installation and when operating the machine.
  • All data is continuously reported to the system. The operation center will automatically save and update the entire database automatically in real time.
  • Flexible solution, suitable for customers’ needs, easy to adjust the plan to achieve the highest farming performance with competitive cost.

3. Construction of the 4.0 smart greenhouse system

Smart greenhouse system 4.0 is a comprehensive digital transformation solution for agriculture with a system of intelligent agricultural farming solutions that are fully controlled automatically:

  • Automatically control the climate in the greenhouse (Temperature, soil moisture, air humidity, light, air conditioning fan, …)
  • Automatic control of automatic irrigation and fertilizing systems (Drip irrigation, misting irrigation, mixing fertilizer and pesticides, pH…)
  • Automatically provide nutrients to plants and lighting stimulates growth according to the plant’s growth cycle.
  • Greenhouses for agricultural production are highly flexible with different crop sizes. When installing this system, garden owners and investors can easily expand the area according to actual needs. At the same time, combined with modern equipment and systems, the production process is always convenient.
  • The information transmission system continuously updates data in real-time and transmits it to the monitoring center using Smart Mesh Lora technology. This information can include irrigation logs, fertilizing, air, and environmental conditions of the whole system in real-time.
  • The server/workstation receives and displays the data transmitted from the monitoring stations and displays it visually on the website and mobile app platform of the manager.

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