NLT Group is a pioneer in researching, developing, and mastering advanced IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud application technology in 4.0 Smart Aquaculture solutions. The 4.0 aquaculture system is a smart farming ecosystem developed in both hardware and software by NLT Group.

1. NLT Group strives for digital transformation in the aquaculture system

NLT Group is proud to provide a total solution, mastering technology from hardware to software for smart aquaculture solutions. We are committed to consulting, building, and optimizing solutions in the group of 4.0 smart agriculture in general and smart aquaculture in particular for customers in the most optimal way according to the right goals and needs. use at the most competitive cost in the market.



2. Advantages of the 4.0 aquaculture system

  • Building and developing the entire hardware system based on IoT Platform: Sensor, Lora Node, Lora Gateway, Smart LoraMesh Platform, and Smart Control Box to transmit data to the central server via Wifi, LAN, or 3G/GPRS
  • Development of AI artificial intelligence application for analysis, assessment, and data processing combined with an intelligent sensor system that collects parameters C02, oxygen light, water quality, and many other factors
  • The operation center will automatically save and update the entire database automatically in real-time
  • Easily integrate the system with smart devices and robots to automate care processes to save labor costs and improve efficiency
  • Automatic storage and monitoring, prevention of loss of equipment, saving operating and maintenance costs for equipment
  • Convenient management software system via website and mobile app, visual monitoring based on NLT Group’s digital map help customers easily upgrade, integrate and expand the system.
  • Continuous monitoring of livestock environment 24/24, control nutrient levels, environmental quality, make the most of animal feed, control waste sources, etc

3. Structure of 4.0 smart aquaculture system

  • Smart sensor system collects information through various temperature and humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, light sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, and many other types of sensors for quality parameters water, environmental monitoring, air quality monitoring, water quality
  • The sensor system continuously updates data from monitoring stations and transmits it to the monitoring center using Smart Mesh Lora technology. This information may include fish growth, environmental parameters, etc.
  • The server/workstation receives and displays the data transmitted from the monitoring stations and displays it visually on the website and mobile app platform of the manager.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

Please contact NLT Group according to the information below for customers and businesses needing advice on installing solutions. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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