NLT Group is a leading technology corporation in Vietnam pioneering research, development, and mastering technology, professionally leading in researching and implementing solutions based on IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies to ensure certainty sure to successfully implement projects in the Agriculture industry in Vietnam based on digital technology platform 4.0, IoT, AI, GIS Cloud, etc.

The outstanding technology solutions of NLT Group in 4.0 Smart Agriculture solutions include:

  • 4.0 Agricultural wastewater treatment system
  • 4.0 Aquaculture system
  • 4.0 Smart insect trap system
  • 4.0 Nutrient injection system
  • 4.0 Agricultural irrigation system
  • 4.0 Smart greenhouse system
  • Smart tree monitoring device

1. Modern 4.0 Smart Agriculture Solutions

NLT Group is proud to provide a total solution, mastering technology from hardware to software that can be upgraded and integrated with many smart agriculture technology solutions on the same system. We are committed to consulting, building, and optimizing solutions in the smart agriculture 4.0 group for customers in the most optimal way according to the right goals, following the needs of users with the most competitive cost in the market.


2. Outstanding advantages of NLT Group with 4.0 Smart Agriculture

  • Building and developing the entire hardware system based on IoT Platform: Sensor, Lora Node, Lora Gateway, Smart LoraMesh Platform, and Smart Control Box to transmit data to the central server via Wifi, LAN, or 3G/GPRS
  • Developing AI applications for assessment analysis and data processing
  • Save agricultural areas and farming resources, and thoroughly control pest and insect problems to achieve the best farming efficiency.
  • Building a stable farming environment, suitable for farming purposes based on the latest technology applications on IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud platforms.
  • Applying AI technology in monitoring and evaluating crop quality to provide timely farming measures
  • Build a smart lighting system that is suitable for the growing cycle of crop cultivation
  • Building a fully automatic & closed greenhouse and irrigation system through software developed by NLT Group

3. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

Please contact NLT Group according to the information below for customers and businesses needing advice on installing solutions. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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