NLT Group applies 4.0, AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud to research, develop, and master technology in manufacturing hardware equipment, and building construction 4.0 Lighting systems for billboards. This solution always brings satisfaction to partners and customers through practical benefits.

1. 4.0 Lighting system for billboards developed by NLT Group

NLT Group’s 4.0 lighting system is an LED lighting system to illuminate advertising signs for businesses, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, etc. The system is pioneered by NLT Group, which connects and operates through AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud platforms quickly and accurately.

NLT Group has launched products for 4.0 smart lighting systems including:

  • Lighting control cabinet NLT-TCS 50A
  • Lighting control cabinet NLT-TCS 75A
  • Noise filter
  • Lightning arrester
  • LED light source 50W 
  • LED light source 40W

2. Outstanding features of NLT Group’s 4.0 lighting system for billboards

NLT Group has developed a 4.0 lighting system that offers many outstanding advantages compared to conventional lighting systems:

  • Built and mastered both hardware and software by NLT Group, the whole system is easy to maintain and upgrade system integration with diverse capacity.
  • The system operates at low voltage to save energy but still brings high light intensity. We aim at saving costs in management with fast and accurate inspection and review features that connect via AI, IoT, GIS Cloud platforms.
  • The system is the latest research result of IoT, AI, GIS Cloud technology, meeting the smart lighting needs of many cities and towns.
  • The system operates fully automatically according to a pre-set schedule, thus saving management costs, and helping managers to centrally monitor and easily control via website, and mobile app.
  • The modern equipment system operates stably in many weather conditions to help investors save energy, reduce wasted energy and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

3. Contact for consultation on NAMLONGLED solutions

Please contact NLT Group according to the information below for customers and businesses needing advice on installing solutions. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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