In the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, modern agricultural wastewater treatment technologies and systems are increasingly being applied in Vietnam. Output wastewater quality is one of the factors that need to be focused on by enterprises.

To keep up with current technology trends, NLT Group and a team of professional engineers with pioneering technology have successfully researched and developed a smart industrial wastewater treatment system bringing high efficiency in environmental protection in the Industrial Wastewater Treatment System 4.0

1. 4.0 Industrial wastewater treatment system of NLT Group

NLT Group’s industrial wastewater treatment system is designed and installed with the highest priority. In addition, the system can save costs and is easy to use with many technology integrations and high levels of automation.


NLT is always committed to providing solutions and high-tech products according to technical requirements. “Made by NLT” products will enhance the brand and value of customers.

2. Outstanding advantages of NLT Group’s 4.0 Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

Compared with many other industrial wastewater treatment systems on the market, the modern wastewater treatment system of NLT Group shows many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Hardware and software are exclusively researched by NLT Group based on IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies. Easy installation and operation processes to satisfy customers’ needs
  • Monitor and manage the entire process through convenient management software via website and mobile app
  • Saving installation costs, system maintenance, and repair, closed treatment of wastewater, and absolutely no adverse impact on the environment.
  • Ensure health and safety in the living environment

3. Main components of 4.0 Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

  • The input wastewater treatment process is to remove moss, dirt, and sand. The process has the effect of filtering harmful components to the rear filters.
  • The data information recorded from the sensors will be stored on the Server and displayed directly on the website and mobile app platform of the manager.
  • All filtration systems are used with ultra-small filter holes, capable of removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring the best quality wastewater output.

All systems are self-contained, safe, and environmentally friendly by NLT Group. NLT Group ensures the best quality of output wastewater following the standards of BTNMT.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

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