4.0 Gas retail and household management system is software built according to the latest technology of NLT Group, combined with the most popular digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, Ipads,… The system will identify you and automatically update your information in the application system.

1. Convenient and modern 4.0 gas retail and household management system

With a team of professional engineers on system digitization, NLT Group confidently accompanies and supports businesses to digitize operating systems.

NLT Group is committed to supporting and bringing you specific solutions based on the actual needs of businesses.

2. Advantages of the 4.0 gas retail and household management system

  • The system will automatically manage, monitor, and warn the gas status for suppliers and customers use. Automatically lock the system when there is a gas leak.
  • Accurately report and provide businesses with store revenue and the number of customers
  • Identify and care for customers through purchase history
  • Optimize logistics and schedule gas delivery to customers.
  • Customers can track more details about gas usage via the Website, and mobile phone,…
  • Conveniently, quickly deliver and receive gas to customers through a professional POS machine.

3. Structure of management system

  • Sensors and solenoid valves are installed on the pipeline system to determine the gas usage status. The solenoid valves will close and disconnect the gas system to ensure absolute safety for gas use.
  • The controller accurately determines the amount of gas to alert the gas supplier and proactively takes care of and replaces gas cylinders for customers.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

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