NLT Group is a pioneer and professional unit at the forefront of research, implementation, and mastering of technologies for Industry 4.0. Gas leak monitoring and warning system 4.0 is an essential system for restaurants, apartments, factories, businesses, etc.

1. 4.0 gas leak alarm monitoring system of NLT Group

NLT Group has developed an absolute safety monitoring system based on IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies.

NLT Group is committed to bringing quality products to customers with the most economical investment, operation, and maintenance costs.


2. NLT Group’s system is more optimal than systems on the market

The outstanding system of NLT Group can minimize the risk of gas leakage:

  • When there is a gas leak incident, the alarm system is activated and the location of the incident occurs on a map based on GIS Cloud platform. The supervisor will have the plan to handle it promptly and quickly to avoid the spread of toxic gas.
  • The system allows 24/7 automatic monitoring on each sensor head to help detect the risk of leaks
  • The supervisor receives the alarm signal quickly anywhere by phone or laptop when there is an internet or mobile network.
  • In addition, the system also informs, monitors, and manages all sensor heads integrated through the website platform, and mobile app.
  • All products in the system can connect internally with each other and with the outside (IoT) based on the existing information technology and telecommunications platform of NLT Group.

3. Principle of system operation

  • The system warns when the room temperature is too high or when there is a gas/toxic gas leak in the air. At the same time, the system will issue warning information to the app for users.
  • The machine can warn of flammable gas (such as alcohol, gasoline vapor, propane, butane, and biogas ..), and smoke alarms. The machine will automatically shut off when the gas leak is fixed.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

Customers and businesses that need advice on installing our solutions, please contact NLT Group according to the information below. We are committed to always accompanying and supporting our customers throughout the product’s life.

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