NLT Group is the first professional unit to develop the fire alarm monitoring system and toxic gas leak 4.0 in the oil and gas industry in Vietnam. When installed, the system will monitor & warn of fire and toxic gas leakage automatically locally & remotely using radio technology, 3G/4G on the modern IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud platform of NLT Group.

1. Safety at the highest level

As a combination of 2 features in the same system, NLT group is committed to bringing high value to its product solution, but minimizing costs in investment and maintenance of the system. We always accompany and support customers quickly and professionally.

2. Advantages of 4.0 fire & toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system in the oil and gas industry

4.0 fire & toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system in the oil and gas industry is the crystallization of the fire and toxic gas alarm monitoring system. Outstanding features of the toxic gas leak monitoring and warning system integrating IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technology include:

  • When there is a fire, explosion, or toxic gas leak, the warning system is activated and the location of the incident occurs on a map based on the GIS Cloud platform. Due to the timely report, the supervisor will have a timely and quick handling plan.
  • The system allows 24/7 automatic monitoring on each gas sensor to help detect the risk of fire, explosion, and toxic gas leak before the accident spreads, causing serious consequences.
  • The supervisor receives the alarm signal regardless of places by phone or laptop when there is internet or mobile network.
  • In addition, the system also informs, monitors, and manages all sensor heads integrated through the website platform, and mobile app.
  • All products in the system can connect internally with each other and with the outside (IoT) based on the existing information technology and telecommunications platform of NLT Group.


  • 3. Structure of 4.0 fire & toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system in the oil and gas industry

    As a result of research and integration of fire alarm monitoring systems and toxic gas leak warning monitoring systems, f4.0 fire & toxic gas leak alarm monitoring system has a complete security warning structure includes:

    • Central alarm cabinet
    • Fire/smoke sensors
    • The toxic gas leak sensors are arranged to be installed in locations with a high risk of leakage
    • Warning siren and emergency push button system
    • Wi-Fi IoT Device
    • Stable cloud server that receive information from the system of central cabinets with high security
    • Remote monitoring software for users on website or mobile app


The system promises to be indispensable safety equipment for oil and gas facilities, production areas, industrial parks to meet the highest safety standards.

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