NLT Group is a pioneer enterprise in applying the latest research of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies in building 4.0 Environmental Monitoring System. NLT Group’s system analyzes to what extent the environment is being affected and how production and business activities affect the environment.

1. Automatic environmental monitoring system

4.0 environmental monitoring system of NLT Group is a type of device that helps to periodically monitor and monitor environmental quality through indicators of physical and chemical properties of environmental components.


Currently, NLT Group has successfully developed and developed a monitoring system for water, air, and dust to warn of flooding and pollution in the entire area.

2 types of environmental monitoring equipment suitable for customer needs:

  • Direct monitoring in the environment
  • Automatic environmental monitoring

2. Advantages of 4.0 Environmental Monitoring System

NLT Group’s environmental monitoring devices are currently being trusted and used by experts because of their outstanding performance:

  • The system thoroughly treats the current environmental pollution problems
  • Measuring system with high accuracy (error <0.5cm) and stable operation
  • The system is simple to operate, does not waste time and human resources, and is efficient and fast
  • Store all control data (images, parameters, time, control location) of all objects on a central server for management
  • The system works through an internet connection, 3G/4G/5G or LAN/WIFI
  • Control operations anytime, anywhere based on convenient intuitive GIS digital maps via Web and Mobile App

3. How does the environmental Monitoring System work?

The environmental monitoring system includes:

  • Sensor system developed by NLT Group for data collection
  • The sensor device collects and reports to the monitoring center. The system will help store data to facilitate the evaluation and monitoring process.
  • When there is an abnormal change in the environment, the measurement indicators will be notified to the supervisory agency through warning lights, Web, and Mobile Apps to find solutions.

4. Contact for consultation on NLT Group solutions

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