Nam Long Technology Investment Group (NLT Group) is a pioneer enterprise in applying the latest research of IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies in building a 4.0 domestic water supply management system. NLT Group’s system helps management agencies closely monitor daily-life water sources, provide water for consumers, and remotely read all installed water consumption meters for customers.

1. Domestic water supply management system is an automatic water supply, monitoring, and management system

NLT Group’s water supply management system is a system that integrates IoT, AI, and GIS Cloud technologies to bring efficiency to users as well as automate the water supply process to save system installation costs.


2. Advantages of 4.0 domestic water supply management system

  • High automation mode, energy saving, environmentally friendly
  • Saving the cost of investment in system construction and operation
  • Supports leak detection and monitoring, helping to reduce maintenance costs and loss due to leaks
  • NLT Group fully masters both hardware and software technology, easily monitoring and managing via website and mobile app, visual monitoring based on NLT Group’s digital map.
  • Automatically pay and manage customers, no need for staff to go get the index.

3. Operation process of 4.0 domestic water supply management system

  • The water pump system supplies water from the source and supplies to the water treatment station.
  • After being treated, the clean water will be taken to the storage tank. The system will regulate water flow and pressure
  • The sensor system continuously monitors the installed water consumption meter for the customer
  • The information transmission system continuously updates the data and transmits it to the monitoring center. The server will receive and display data transmitted from monitoring stations and display it visually on the website and mobile app platform of the manager.

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