NLT Group, with its strengths in the fields of AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies, has researched and developed the 4.0 art lighting system for buildings, spaces, and urban infrastructure with impressive lighting styles.

NLT Group’s 4.0 artistic lighting system has demonstrated impressive effectiveness when:

– Illuminate the work surface evenly

– Light up  architectural highlights

– Define the boundaries of the building

– Create LED effect on the building surface

1. Artistic lighting system 4.0

Towards the goal of infrastructure beautification, NLT Group’s 4.0 Artistic Lighting System has been successfully applying AI, IoT, and GIS Cloud technologies to control, monitor, and operate the whole system, providing the best aesthetic experience for users.

2. Outstanding advantages of 4.0 NLT Group’s artistic lighting system

The product of the 4.0 artistic lighting system researched, developed and mastered by NLT Group brings outstanding advantages:

  • The structural LED system materials ensure quality and durability according to the ISO 9001 standard according the most advanced Japanese production technology. NLT Group’s products use Nichia JAPAN LED chips and the world’s leading Texas Instrument USA power chips, which are durable and lightning-resistant, making the product twice as long as Chinese LEDs.
  • Save costs in management with fast and accurate inspection and review features, connecting via AI, IoT, GIS Cloud platforms
  • The system of modern equipment saves energy, reduces wasted energy, and operates stably in many weather conditions
  • NLT Group pioneers to master all hardware and software, support 24/24 operation, easy maintenance, upgrade system integration
  • The system operates fully automatically according to the schedule, saving management costs, centralized monitoring, and easy control via website, mobile app
  • All information will be aggregated and displayed on the website, mobile app platform for managers to easily monitor the lighting status of the system and have appropriate adjustment, maintenance and repair plans.

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